Thursday, 27 March 2014

This Is the Way The World Ends...

Once upon a time there was a disaster.
And everybody died.
Stuart Bowden's show She Was Probably Not A Robot is the tale of the last human and the intergalactic robot which has watched over the planet for millenia.
With a face that is more beard than man, Bowden combines music, mime, comedy and drama to weave a tale which is at once touching, sweet, and hilarious.
The story of the last human survivor of a worldwide cataclysm and his attempts to continue leading a normal life takes the audience on a beautiful journey across oceans and across space. There is love, pain and wonder. There is also a hobby-horse.
Set adrift on his waterbed across the oceans after massive tidal waves have engulfed every city in the world, we follow our protagonist as he comes to term with his loneliness and isolation, all the time watched from above by an alien robot with a child's voice which has been working on a secret project light years away.
Bowden's transformations from hapless adventurer to floating space robot are a delight to observe and the delivery of his tail amazes and delights at every turn.
The protagonist's journey across the streets of the city on his waterbed involve the audience directly as he wandered amongst us, describing the meandering route his bed was taking. Avoiding being hit in the face or back of the head with the inflatable bed was a skill in itself.
The character of the robot is one which brings a simple pure delight and had the audience giggling along as the silvery object drifted across the stage commenting on the dramas on the planet below.
This is a very well performed and written piece which will delight and entertain and is on at Tuxedo Cat, Wills St. in the CBD until Sunday April 6th.

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