Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Kraken Awaits

A man appears from the side of a stage dressed in jogging pants and lycra t-shirt. He is trying to reach for a pile of clothes on the other side of the stage but his way is hampered by lengths of coloured string tethering him. As he slowly, painfully makes his way across the stage, the tethers remove his clothes one item at a time.
Thus begins Kraken by Trygve Wakenshaw - a one-man mime show where Trygve acts-out a series of odd situations and interacts with the audience when they least expect it.
 There follow a series of scenes where Wakenshaw impresses with his audacity, flexibility and creativity. This is a young performer clearly enjoying his craft - entertaining an audience clearly enjoying what he has to offer.
Wakenshaw's imagination is ferocious and it is a testament to his abilities as a physical performer that the audience were drawn-into his imaginary world, laughing along and gasping in horror at all the right moments.
Although, frankly, what he was doing with that horse I don't think I want to know.
Kraken is on at the Tuxedo Cat on Wills Street in Melbourne at 20:30 until April 19th.

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