Thursday, 27 March 2014

Anger Management

The first night of MICF 2014 concluded with an hour of straightforward stand-up from Canadian Pat Burtscher.
His show Overwhelmed at the Tuxedo Cat, is an hour of his musings and rants on such subjects as monetary equality, drug education, life and death and whatever else crosses his Canuck mind.
Burtscher is angry - and this makes him hilarious. Venting his ire on stage to a full house last night he told the audience how he would solve many of the problems which the world has today from the injustice of CEO pay to climate change to the war on drugs.
His suggestions for the alternate uses to which the DEA might be put following the decriminalisation of drugs is one which should have the backing of all people living in large cities.
Pat's rambling, angry stoner delivery fits perfectly with his material and he held the audience in fits of laughter for the full running time of his show.
Overwhelmed is on at The Tuxedo Cat, Wills Street until the end of the Festival.

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