Friday, 28 March 2014

Gentlemanly Misbehaviour

Do you like magic?
If you answered 'No' then we cannot be friends, I'm sorry. I love magic. Particularly the small-scale stuff. None of that making an elephant disappear or walking through the Eiffel Tower for me. I prefer my magic with a bit of personal interaction which is why I was delighted by the latest show from A Modern Deception, the incredibly talented trio of Alex De La Rambelje, Luke Hocking and Vyom Sharma.
Beginning with a mindblowing feat of prediction the astonished the packed audience with almost an hour of sleights, card tricks and other astonishing acts.
Audience members were invited to assist be supplying a shoe or a phone or simply their hand and there was joy to be had with each twist in the proceedings.
The presentation style of this trio is always warm and welcoming and there is never a hint of mockery so the audience know that they are in a safe space and can take part without fear of ridicule.
All due credit to their director Daniel Lammin who keeps the show pacy and tight.
A Modern Deception - Gentlemen Of Deceit is at The Spring Street Conference Centre, Melbourne CBD from 7:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings until April 19th.

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