Monday, 29 September 2014

Surreal Comedic Hybrid

I know it has been a while since I last posted a review here -but I've been busy doing science.
I have been roused from my critical dormancy, however, by the news that an accident involving a teleporter, some ping-pong balls and several cans of energy drink has resulted in the amalgamation of two of Melbourne's freshest faces into one unified example of comedic talent.
Capperjack is the brainchild of comedians Nick Capper - he of the wild hair and wild ideas - and Jack Druce - whose youthful looks and calm demeanour belie the hilarity within.
First and foremost this is a sketch show and perfectly combines the manically bizarre ideas which were so present in Nick's show during the comedy festival with the quieter, more contemplative whimsy of Jack's show.
At the top of the show we are made privy to the moment when Jack was inspected by the Chief of Comedy during a gig and was summarily fired from his chosen profession. Jobless and penniless, Jack must seek alternative employment with the help of the world's worst recruitment consultant, one Nicholas Simon Capper.
What follows is hilarious and very, very strange.
Through the use of some very silly costumes, voice over monologues, great characterisation and denim Capperjack keeps the laughs flowing for the full 50 minutes of its runtime.
Capper and Druce clearly have a good rapport on stage and the smoothness with which the sketches run through the show is testament to their professionalism as entertainers.
So, if you fancy an evening of weird musical numbers and a supporting cast of  talking eggs, car accoutrements, strangely neanderthal shop assistants and ostriches then this is the show for you.
Hilarious and very strange, Capperjack is on at the Imperial Hotel on the corner of Spring and Bourke in the CBD at 6pm until October 2nd.

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