Friday, 11 April 2014

Far From Grimm Tales

...And they all lived Happily Ever After.
Ever wondered what happened next? Did Red Riding Hood get on with her life or was the gruesome death of her Grandmother a life-changing experience? Did Snow White go on to live la vida loca after marrying her Prince? And what of the seven dwarves?
In her new show After Ever After, Rama Nicholas continues the stories of the Brothers Grimm some twenty years after they supposedly finished and reveals the fates and misfortunes of various characters so familiar from childhood.
Playing all of the characters herself, Nicholas inhabits a variety of guises from a kung-fu Red Riding Hood to a penitent Big Bad Wolf to all seven dwarves, bringing each to distinct and startling life.
The story has several threads to its plot with various characters headed toward a collision which will change the land of fairy tales forever and the audience were amused, amazed and touched all in the space of an hour.
This is a very polished and professional performance from Nicholas where she smoothly transitions between characters with ease and her costume changes are barely noticeable. Her vocal work throughout never once makes it ambiguous as to which character she is at any one time and this is no mean feat.
Showcasing her considerable acting skills, Nicholas presents a hypnotic show with an impeccable central performance which held the audience's attention throughout.
Highly recommended, After Ever After is on at the Portland Hotel until April 20th.

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